FortiGate IPS

Powerful and Innovative Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Whether part of a firewall solution or a separate standalone appliance, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) technology is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of network security defenses. Fortinet, well known for its next-generation firewall (NGFW) solution, has built IPS technology for more than ten years. Fortinet customers expect and depend on high performance from FortiGate firewalls and FortiGate IPS benefits from this legacy, delivering pound-for-pound, the best IPS performance available in the market today. FortiGate IPS, following a different evolution path than traditional IPS, innovates in ways that other standalone IPS products do not.


FortiGate IPS 7000E, FortiGate IPS 6500F , FortiGate IPS 3900E , FortiGate IPS 3800D & FortiGate IPS 3700D